An Introvert's Transformation


Yes I Am An Introvert, No I Am Not Shy.




This Project explores how Introverts use Isolation as a mechanism for social recharge as well as a way to navigate social situations. Furthermore, it is an exploration into how the psychology of introverts can be used in our societies and begging to find new ways to help people with social problems such as isolation and loneliness.


These introverts have the ability to transform into extroverts in social situations by extending the boundaries of their introversion.


Their battleground is the politics of personal space versus public space boundaries.


They have devised ways to find a balance between blending in and standing out, by using engineered structures to aid their transformation, whilst protecting their social identities in a world designed for extroverts.


Layers we wear are the first boundary into our personal space; these structures allow introverts a gradual change on their personal temperament continuum.


They aim to spread the power of introverts by sparking conversation amongst their spectators who admire them; and question the choices we make, of presenting and re-presenting ourselves.



Proxemics Protector | Distance Sensor controls the space around this introvert’s body, deploying robotic inverted wings when a spectator is within 80.429 cm of their proxemics.

Space Inflater | Nitinol Memory wire in the garment’s arms, allows this introverts’ body form to change state by inflating the arm structure when they are extroverted and collapsing when introverted.

Temperament Transformer | Thermal Chromic colour pigments display the gradual transformation process of this introvert by changing colour as they transform back and forth on the Introvert – Extrovert continuum.

This is War Exhibition | The Old - Truman brewery | 2013